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Top Ten Essentials: What every successful planner needs this fall






1. Daily Planner

   This is quite possibly the most essential wedding planning item (oh who am I kidding - one of the most essential LIFE items!). Appointments, dates, parties and planning sessions could not be kept track of without it! Unless you're one of those magical people that can keep track of your life by simply using your head - I would love to meet you...and maybe we could ride unicorns and eat double chocolate fudge cake to look like Heidi Klum. But, if you're more like me, make sure you have one of these with you at all times!


2. Tote Bag

   I simply adore totes - having room for all of your wedding things in a single bag is nice when you're heading off to meetings with vendors or a planning session with the family. Because so many aspects of a wedding work together, you often need to know something about the cake in order to get all the details for the flowers worked get the picture.


3. iPhone

   Camera, address book, email, GPS, calendar, and phone- all in one! The new and improved iPhone 5 is coming out later this month - woot woot!


4. Fall 2012 makeup trend: Red lipstick.


5. Blazer

    Plaid with wooden buttons and suede elbow patches? Yes, please.


6. Riding Boots

    We are just loving the equestrian look this past year. A definite must for your closet.


7. Coffee

    It's the best time of year for your morning pick-me-up - those amazing fall flavors of chai and pumpkin spice are back in town! Or you can stick with the classic-never-let-you-down Skinny Vanilla Latte...but a little...


8. You've Got Mail

    Meg Ryan + Tom Hanks. What could be cuter? Definitely a fall favorite - everytime I watch it I vow to dress better and cut my hair short.


9. Martha Stewart Weddings Magazines

    Because Martha is where it's at.


10. A Personal Trainer

     There's nothing like a good workout session to boost your mood and keep you healthy and focused! It also helps if your trainer is super adorable like mine :-).


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