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Tis the make some sweet treats!

The holiday season is officially in full-swing at my house today! Due to the 12+ inches of snow we received last night, it's been a day full of shoveling, football and baking! (Okay, so we did make an emergency run to the coffee shop...but a beautiful winter day wouldn't be complete without a hot vanilla latte, right?). And what goes better with coffee than some homemade fudge? Try'd be crazy not to.


Grandma Jane passed away this fall and we miss her terribly. But her smile, love of life and generous spirit will live on here on earth – in all of us who were touched by her life of sacrifice and service and love.


And her chocolate fudge? Yes. Dozens upon dozens of batches will be happily made every year at Christmas time...and we will remember Grandma Jane in every overly-calorie-filled bite!



All my love,



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